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written by Sam Greenspan

In this video, we go through all the reasons that high gas prices are actually a good thing. No really. They are. Sort of.

After a few weeks without episodes (entirely due to me being out of town and screwing up our schedule like some sort of Raquel Welch-esque diva) we’re back with new episodes of the 11 Points Countdown.

In this episode, I’m joined by podcasting superstar Colin Marshall to discuss the good things about high gas prices. Yes, they’re going down right now, but they’ll be back up again soon — at which point this episode will go from quasi-relevant to hugely relevant.

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Here are the full results of the poll. The top 11 are in white to avoid spoilers, just highlight to view.

  1. Could force U.S. to rethink dependence on foreign oil
  2. Fewer SUVs
  3. Helps the environment
  4. Four-day workweeks or telecommuting options
  5. Less offensive hot-button political issue than birth control
  6. Less traffic
  7. Save money by drinking at home
  8. Will inspire people to vote, and therefore Puff Daddy will not kill them
  9. Less pressure to drive to your relatives’ events
  10. Makes you really make smart choices on who you date
  11. More money for Dubai to build crazy things
  12. Better for our health
  13. Might make Segways go mainstream
  14. Makes your hybrid cool
  15. You get better rewards for an airport pickup
  16. Causes 2.3% decrease in auto deaths
  17. Less money for Americans to blow
  18. People drive slower and therefore safer to save gas
  19. Fun 4th of July vacation in the backyard this year, kids
  20. Exxon-Mobil throws the best parties