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written by Sam Greenspan

Revealing the results of a poll on the stuff people miss about childhood.

We’ve got a new episode of 11 Points Countdown for you today — the 11 things you miss most about being a kid.

I thought it would be interesting to debate the results with a co-host from an entirely different generation, and we got a good one. I’m joined by YouTube sensation Amanda McKenna of Amanda’s Chronicles — and she’s right around half my age which brings in a perfect other perspective.

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Here are the full results of the poll (highlight the first 11 to avoid spoilers)…

  1. Vacations (winter, summer, spring, etc.)
  2. The excitement of Christmas morning
  3. Recess in the middle of the day
  4. Being able to eat without consequences
  5. Imagination and wonder
  6. Watching cartoons on Saturday morning
  7. No bills
  8. Being basically unbreakable
  9. Feeling rich if you had a $10 bill
  10. Going to toy stores
  11. Ease of making new friends
  12. Getting to stay home sick from school
  13. Not caring about how you look
  14. Unlimited energy
  15. Watching Nickelodeon
  16. Family vacations
  17. Happy Meal and cereal toys
  18. Naptime
  19. Summer camp
  20. Snow days
  21. Trick-or-treating
  22. Building forts
  23. Going to water parks
  24. Baths
  25. Playing video games
  26. Waking up without pain

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