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written by Sam Greenspan

Technology is wonderful. Except, ya know, sometimes. A new episode of 11 Points Countdown discussing what it has ruined.

I’ve got another new episode of the 11 Points Countdown this week, talking about the stuff that’s been ruined by technology. I can’t believe I forgot to include the library card catalog as one of the options.

This week I’m joined for the third time by Colin Marshall (who was previously called Niles Crane on his past appearances).

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Here are the full results of the poll (highlight the first 11 to avoid spoilers)…

  1. Catching up with people you haven’t seen in a while
  2. Dinner conversation
  3. Time off from work where they couldn’t reach you
  4. Getting letters from friends
  5. Walking through the video store searching for a movie
  6. Prank phone calls
  7. Buying books
  8. Making mistakes without having them permanently preserved
  9. Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue being titillating
  10. Bar arguments/trivia nights
  11. Not knowing what photos looked like until they got developed
  12. Pushing someone into a pool without destroying their phone
  13. Being a collector (before eBay)
  14. Relaxing while reading the newspaper
  15. Urban legends that couldn’t be disproven
  16. Board games
  17. Getting lost
  18. Having to figure out video games on your own
  19. Taping songs off the radio so you could have them
  20. Plagiarism

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