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written by Sam Greenspan

When news graphics go wrong, we all win.

In the U.S., every day, approximately eight million hours of TV are dedicated to news. (Even though there’s only about 20 minutes worth of actual news to be reported.) Mistakes are bound to happen. It was extraordinarily difficult to cut this list down to only 11.

1 | Are you sure you’re going to the right place? (Volume 1)

I guess that kind of looks like Africa, plus it does include the word “South.” And who knows — maybe South Africa gets kind of chilly this time of year. That’s right. Only a couple of sentences in and the puns are already out in full effect.

2 | Dummy^2

I can forgive someone forgetting to replace dummy text on the chyron. But if you’re going to get caught with your dummy text pants down, at least make sure you’ve put it through a spell checker. You hear me all the way over there in Pittsburgh, KDKA? With spelling like that it’s no wonder that Phil Connors quit.

3 | The biggest threat

I don’t know the context here, but I get the feeling this isn’t necessarily the Freudian slip it may seem to be.

4 | B-roll selection isn’t for amateurs

Well, I guess we know why there’s a job opening.

5 | The perils of Google Image Search

Apparently, this station’s graphics guy just image searched “krispy kreme” and grabbed a random graphic. He didn’t notice the slogan at the bottom which, however true, wasn’t the one approved by Krispy Kreme’s marketing department. The only marketing department that’s approved that slogan is the Crack Dealers of America.

6 | Are you sure you’re going to the right place? (Volume 2)

It’s like a scheme that Dr. Claw would try to pull off on Inspector Gadget — somehow Saddam moved his entire country so he could live in the pyramids!

7 | Bernanke channels a Charlie Brown adult

Either that, or Ben Bernanke was speaking about the housing market then doing a Ke$ha cover.

8 | Coverage

I don’t know if I’m buying it. I’ve heard that they’re always getting behind on their coverage.

9 | Can it outrun The Flash?

Can Superman outrun The Flash?

10 | Destruction, terror and mayhem

Someone better get the three little pigs on the horn about this one.

11 | An education

Is this Photoshopped? Maybe. Is it the perfect blend of news hype and a perfectly ironic spelling error? Definitely.

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