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Two big news errors and a self-balancing sign of the times.

Here is another edition of the Best Picture I Saw This Week…

Second runner up: Quite the boo boo…

The Associated Press scrambled to get a quick obituary ready for baseball legend Yogi Berra when he died this week. And I’m not sure if it was autocorrect or just a mental cramp — but they memorialized Yogi Bear instead. Dozens of websites ran the article before the error was corrected. Unlike pic-a-nic baskets, those screengrabs can’t just be whisked away forever.

First runner up: Gratuitous rollin’

Those self-balancing scooters seem to be getting more and more popular, so I guess it was only a matter of time until someone rode one into the bathroom. (And, of course, someone else took a photo.) Seems like a shaky way to relieve yourself; there’s no way this guy had 100% bowl accuracy, right?

The winner!

It was Yom Kippur this week and WGN news in Chicago reported on the holiday by… finding juuuust about the most offensive Jewish-related graphic in existence. They apologized, but I feel like we should still send Goldberg or Eric Bana over there to teach them a lesson.

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