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written by Sam Greenspan

When an accused murderer featured prominently on HBO and the lead singer of a pop rock band have the same last name, chaos is inevitable.

If journalism keeps going this way I just might break something tonight.

Fred Durst inadvertently got himself caught up in the he says-she says bullshit [sic] on Sunday when another Durst’s presence in the national news and created some sweet, sweet press chaos.

The Associated Press sent an item over their newswire about Robert Durst, the accused murderer featured on the HBO show The Jinx. (Slogan: “Still want to talk about how good Serial is now?”)

It read (bolding mine):

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A Louisiana State Police trooper says millionaire Robert Durst has been booked on weapons charges in that state — on top of a first-degree murder charge lodged by Los Angeles authorities. Trooper Melissa Matey told the Associated Press that an arrest warrant was issued for the former Limp Bizkit frontman and he was rebooked in the Orleans Parish Jail on Monday under two new charges.

It took the AP almost 12 hours before they got called on their mistake and issued a correction:

My favorite part? That’s not the only thing they should’ve corrected. Fred Durst isn’t the “former Limp Bizkit frontman” — believe it or not they’re still rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin and he’s the current frontman.

I guess they realized if they ever tried to press on without his leadership he would straight up leave their shit.

Something something nookie.

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