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A sign board on the front yard of a company that says Analtech.

Even better than business named with puns? Businesses named with risque puns.

Yesterday, I posted my list of 11 funny actual business names… the clean edition. Today, I have 11 funny businesses whose names are not so family friendly.

These are all real businesses in brick and mortar, and I wonder if they’re just joking when naming them, or they really mean it. One thing is certain, the people behind are not afraid to get a little dirty with their branding. In today’s society, this strategy is a head turner, and one of the quickest ways to get people to notice your company.

11 funny business names that have dirty meanings

With their huge brand names proudly displayed along the roadside or outside their stores, here are 11 funny names of businesses that have perverted meanings.


1 | Big Dick’s Halfway Inn

Big Dick’s Halfway Inn is a real funny business name displayed on the roadside.

Imagine helping someone find their way by giving them directions like, “Go straight and when you reach Big Dick’s Halfway Inn, keep coming a little more before turning right!”

That may leave them some confused looks, but the point is, the name leaves a lasting impression on people. It also helps make the business stand out with competition in the neighborhood.

This reminds me of that riddle about how far can a dog run into woods. The answer’s halfway (the other half, he’s running out of the woods).

Anyway, that’s basically the story of my life: Ruining a funny risque joke by bringing up some nerd trivia.

2 | Kidsexchange

A weird business name written in front of their shop that spells, KIDSEXCHANGE.

Needed to put a bigger space between the “s” and the “e”… without one, this sign takes on a whole different meaning.

This store is a consignment shop where people can sell their old or unused toys while other visitors can buy them for a bargain price. The owners finally decided to improve their brand name by going with Kids Exchange, KidsExchange, or KX Consignment. But once you’ve seen the image above, it’s now hard to unsee.

3 | Bunghole Liquors

A liquor shop with the business name Bunghole Liquors.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “bunghole” as “a hole for emptying or filling a cask”… in other words, the hole in a barrel from which you pour liquor.

That definition, however, does not line up with the one from Butthead’s Dictionary.

4 | Dick Liquor

A liquor shop with the business name Dick Liquor.

This one isn’t even pretending to be rooted in an antiquated term like bunghole.

Their website immediately clarifies that “It’s just the name of a liquor store,” because it actually is.

They are selling products like Bang Hard Seltzer, Very Hard Seltzer, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and many others. I guess inserting the word “Dick” in your brand can be good for business.

5 | Fuk Mi Sushi and Seafood Buffet

A restaurant with the business name, Fuk Mi Sushi and Seafood Buffet.

I mean… really?

But it’s created by Asians and probably has different meaning so using an American mind to understand it isn’t accurate.

6 | Analtech

A funny business name sign from Analtech posted in front of the company.

Imagine telling your friends and family that you work at Analtech. To further stir up the conversation, you could say something like “I’m really into the backend of things at Analtech” or “I’m really good at analyzing the situation at Analtech.”

Now, before you jump to conclusions, Analtech is not what it sounds like. In fact, it’s a scientific company that sells specialized plates called TLC uniplates. These plates are used for separating different substances.

They got their name after taking the suggestion of a marketing firm telling them that since they are into Analytical Technology, why not put the two words together and call it ‘Analtech’!?

It would be one thing to name your company that. But if you’re going with “Analtech”… how can you decide it’s a good idea to give your logo serious colon overtones?

7 | The Dirty Hoe Garden Shed

A garden shed with the business name, The Dirty Hoe.

Gardening can be a dirty job, but this garden shed has taken it to a whole new level. With a name like that, we bet their garden tools are dirt cheap. You might even say they’re the “hoe”-ly grail of garden sheds. I’m not sure what the portrait in the bottom left corner of the image is for.

It is almost too contrived for this list, but qualifies.

8 | Kum N Go

Vehicles lining up at a gas station named Kum & Go

This is a pretty well known one. I think I’m including it more because I don’t want the “How could you leave off Kum N Go?” backlash than because I’m into it.

Is that the dictionary definition of catering to the masses?

Probably. In both Webster’s and Butthead’s dictionaries.

While this store name sounds funny, Kum N Go is actually a convenience store chain that has been around for over 60 years. They have over 400 store branches in 13 states.

Unlike the Dirty Liquor above, Kum N Go doesn’t give a hoot about their branding. Instead, they go straight down to business with their gas, groceries, and merchandise.

9 | Superior Erection Company

A wooden signage in the park made by Superior Erection Company.

I like things that mean other things.

This sign is very telling and doesn’t hold back. And so is their slogan, which boldly says, “We’re always getting up!”

This funny business name must have a lot of confidence in their work. They specialize in building steel frames and rigging industrial installations from low-rise to massive heavy construction projects. They are experts on how to get things up and standing tall.

I can only imagine the reactions they get from potential clients, though.

10 | Yeung Ho II Chinese Food

A Chinese restaurant named, Yeung Ho II Chinese Food.

Where’s the first Yeung Ho?

Anyway, many customers have mixed reviews about their food. They still haven’t noticed the pun. Am I the only one who got the double meaning?

11 | Master Bait and Tackle

A funny business name called, "The Master Bait and Tackle" built on the roadside.

With a name like that, you know they’re the experts in fishing. Master Bait and Tackle have some nice hooks and good baits to lure in the big ones. And if your rod tips need repairing, just bring it in store, and they’ll fix it for you nice and clean.

I wonder if becoming a regular customer and expert in fishing will earn you the title Master Baiter and Tackler…

Both of those were so fun when I was younger. Now they both take hours, if not days of recovery time.

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