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Even better than business named with puns? Businesses named with risque puns.

Yesterday, I posted my list of 11 funny actual business names… the clean edition. Today, I have 11 businesses whose names are not so family friendly.


1 | Big Dick’s Halfway Inn

This reminds me of that riddle about how far can a dog run into woods. The answer’s halfway (the other half, he’s running out of the woods). Anyway, that’s basically the story of my life: Ruining a funny risque joke by bringing up some nerd trivia.

2 | Kidsexchange

Needed to put a bigger space between the “s” and the “e”… without one, this sign takes on a whole different meaning.

3 | Bunghole Liquors

Webster’s Dictionary defines “bunghole” as “a hole for emptying or filling a cask”… in other words, the hole in a barrel from which you pour liquor. That definition, however, does not line up with the one from Butthead’s Dictionary.

4 | Dick Liquor

This one isn’t even pretending to be rooted in an antiquated term like bunghole.

5 | Fuk Mi Sushi and Seafood Buffet

I mean… really?

6 | Analtech

It would be one thing to name your company that. But if you’re going with “Analtech”… how can you decide it’s a good idea to give your logo serious colon overtones?

7 | The Dirty Hoe Garden Shed

Almost too contrived for this list, but qualifies.

8 | Kum N Go

This is a pretty well known one. I think I’m including it more because I don’t want the “How could you leave off Kum N Go?” backlash than because I’m into it. Is that the dictionary definition of catering to the masses? (Probably. In both Webster’s and Butthead’s dictionaries.)

9 | Superior Erection Company

I like things that mean other things.

10 | Yeung Ho II Chinese Food

Where’s the first Yeung Ho?

11 | Master Bait and Tackle

Both of those were so fun when I was younger. Now they both take hours if not days of recovery time.

If you haven’t seen the clean edition, go check it out now!

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