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written by Sam Greenspan

In today’s video, we go through old tech items that we can’t get rid of, from VCRs to watches to landlines.

After holidays and summer traveling and general Garfield-esque Monday aversion, we’re back to the Monday schedule for new episodes of the 11 Points Countdown web series. Today’s topic had some of the more surprising poll results to date — it’s 11 Outdated Tech Items We Still Use Today.

My co-host this week, back for his second time, is comedian Jacob Sirof.

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Here are the full results of the poll. The top 11 are in white to avoid spoilers, just highlight to view. (If you’re on an iPhone/iPad, you may have to copy these, then paste it somewhere, until I think of a more elegant spoiler-proofing solution.)

  1. VCR
  2. Watches
  3. Non-Internet pornography
  4. Regular mail
  5. Movie rentals
  6. Nintendo
  7. Landline phone
  8. Newspapers
  9. Classified ads
  10. Discman
  11. Phone books
  12. Fax machines
  13. Maps
  14. Flip phones
  15. Standalone GPS units
  16. Non-flat TVs and monitors
  17. Film cameras
  18. Payphones/phone booths
  19. AOL email
  20. 1-900 numbers

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