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written by Sam Greenspan

From typos to missing punctuation to odd word choices, grocery stores send mixed messages.

I’ve never found the signs above aisles in the grocery store particularly useful. I prefer to rely on the “wander around and look down each aisle” strategy for finding things. And I’d rather cut off a limb than use the “ask someone” strategy.

But I appreciate a ridiculous sign in any context, and since grocery stores do, in fact, qualify as “any context,” their signs make the cut. Here are 11 photos of aisle signs at grocery stores that, for one reason or another, deliver an unintentionally comical message.

1 | Asian Foods x 8

If you’re rolling this deep on “Asian foods” — deep enough that you have to repeat “ASIAN FOODS” eight times, like you’re screaming it at us — perhaps some further detail is warranted? Like, at least divide it up by country. Asia’s a big continent, you know. Not everyone wants to put panang curry paste on their moo goo gai sashimi when they’re at a Mongolian barbecue restaurant.

2 | Ethnic foods

So I’m guessing this aisle contains things like Manwich, Faygo pop, Busch heavy, Hungry Man frozen dinners and spray cheese?

3 | Baby needs beers and wines

I’m writing this while my baby sleeps like a rock through the third hour of nonstop firework noise. He’s fine without beer and wine.

4 | Canned cat / dry cat

The word “food” is perhaps more important than they realized. Which is a weird word not to value at a grocery store.

5 | Fish, crap and cuttlefish

They went to the trouble of hanging those nautical decorations on the wall, but slept through proofreading the sign. At least the cuttlefish got a hot marquee spot.

6 | Breakfast

Is the sign giving a guide to your breakfast courses? Start with wine, then have beer, then wine, then cheese, then take a break, then finish it off with beer?

7 | Hot Beer

I guess they needed a sign for their non-refrigerated beer and decided “hot” was the right adjective. But I can assure them, it was the wrong adjective.

8 | Nut sacks and salty sacks

One missing N that yields innuendo is a typo. Two missing Ns that yield innuendo feels decidedly intentional.

9 | Baby baking

Ah, the California cheeseburger aisle.

10 | Health & Beauty

Although there are thousands of studies about how a daily glass or two of wine is good for you, I feel like classifying wine as “Health” food is dicey. Classifying it as a beauty aide? Totally fair.

11 | F*** vegetables

This translation can’t be correct, and yet, it’s so correct.

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