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written by Sam Greenspan

In this video, we count down the things you really don’t want to get trick-or-treating — when you’re a kid who just wants good candy.

We’ve got an 11 Points Countdown Halloween special for you today (and by that I mean it’s a Halloween topic and my co-host wore a Christmas sweater as a costume).

I’m joined by host/comedian Erin Darling to count down the results of a poll on the 11 worst things to get trick-or-treating on Halloween. It’s a vague flashback to a written list I did on that topic four years ago.

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Here are the full results of the poll…

  1. Religious pamphlets
  2. Apples (and other fruit)
  3. Lecture on how you’re too old to be trick-or-treating
  4. Box of raisins
  5. Black licorice
  6. Pennies
  7. Toothbrush
  8. Wax fangs
  9. Generic candies in paper wrappers
  10. Pens
  11. Marshmallow peanuts
  12. Bit o’ Honey
  13. Breath mints
  14. Necco wafers
  15. Nuts
  16. Good & Plenty
  17. Candy corn
  18. Chiclets
  19. Dots
  20. Double Bubble
  21. Mounds/Almond Joy
  22. Werther’s Originals
  23. Sugar Babies/Daddies
  24. Dum-Dum sucker
  25. Caramel apple pops
  26. Milk Duds
  27. Smarties
  28. Whoppers
  29. Tootsie rolls
  30. Lemon Drops