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written by Sam Greenspan

Misspelled graffiti, incongruous cars and a crazy nature photo.

Welcome to the sixth edition of the Best Picture I Saw This Week. Unlike last week, there’s no attempt at drawing a grand conclusion this time around.

Second runner up: Hail Satin!

This graffiti was recently painted on a 135-year-old historic covered bridge in Indiana. It stands to reason that the kind of person who defaces a bridge would have difficult spelling the name of (ostensibly) his dark lord and savior. Or maybe he just likes silky sheets?

First runner up: Drive what you want to drive

These photos made the rounds on Reddit this week and come from a Corvette forum. A guy in Texas spotted this tiny old lady incongruously driving her brand new Corvette (base price: $79,000) with the seat pushed up as far as it can possibly go. She was also driving well under the speed limit at the time.

The winner!

A British photographer took this picture of a weasel riding a woodpecker. It looks like an amazing burst of teamwork, something out of a movie like Over the Hedge. (I assume. Didn’t see it. But it seems like the kind of movie where a fast-talking weasel voiced by John Leguizamo would ride a woodpecker voiced by Richard Kind.) Unfortunately, it’s more likely the weasel was trying to ride the woodpecker to the ground to eat him.