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written by Sam Greenspan

The comical story out of England of an accidental graveyard meeting between amateur ghost hunters and and an amateur erotic film shoot.

A group of ghost hunters were taking some tourists on a tour of an abandoned graveyard in Hull, Yorkshire, England when they heard some mysterious moaning. And since I’m assuming the average ghost hunter really has to use his imagination most of the time to make any sort of discovery, hearing an actual ghost noise must feel like winning the lottery. The spoooooooky lottery. But still, the lottery.

They followed the noise to the source. And, lamentably, it wasn’t a ghost.

No, it was a porn shoot.

Pictured: Actual cemetery from the story; random uninvolved British adult film star.

The dozen ghost hunters and tourists saw a blonde woman having sexual relations with a guy in a patch of ivy while two other guys filmed. It was broad daylight, so this must be that highly sought after erotic subgenre of “well-lit cemetery porn.” (Also, it turns out they didn’t have permits to film in the graveyard, just in case things weren’t shady enough.)

It took a moment for any of the people involved with the film to spot the 12 people gawking at them. The couple noticed them first — bravo to the two crew guys for keeping such laser focus, I guess — and tried to hide behind some bushes.

It doesn’t look like they’re going to face any legal charges. Also, there aren’t any other details about the status of their sure-to-be cinematic masterpiece.

Fortunately, the ghost hunting tour group and amateur adult film crew managed to keep things amicable and went their separate ways — but not before there was almost one unpleasant incident.

The head of the ghost hunting group says, “One elderly man was so incensed, he was ready to chase after them with his walking stick, but I persuaded him to calm down and eat his sandwiches.”

Yep, there’s nothing like watching a couple of strangers doin’ it in an abandoned graveyard then mowing down a couple of sandwiches.

(Source: Hull Daily Mail)