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written by Sam Greenspan

A study found which colors make people recoil in horror. I have some thoughts as to why each of the colors bothers us.

A massive study recently found the ugliest color in the world.

Well, “recently” is a little generous. The study ran four years ago. It’s finally getting attention now because the winner was a “dark olive” color, which then became the standard packaging color for cigarettes in Australia and the U.K. But (for real here) Big Olive didn’t like that besmirching, and finally convinced those governments to start referring to the color by a different name. “Dark drab brown” won out.

But the Internet has rapidly twisted that to “poop brown,” obviously.

Anyway, as I dug deep into the results of the ugly color study, I found enough of the runners-up to “dark drab brown” to put together this list. These are the 11 ugliest colors in the world…

1 | Dark drab brown

Unpleasant things it evokes: Feces, mud, getting pudding instead of a real dessert.

2 | Beige

Unpleasant things it evokes: Discoloration, internal organs that may or may not be healthy, bad teeth, your coworker’s pants from Old Navy.

3 | Lime green

Unpleasant things it evokes: Mucus, infection, BP.

4 | Mustard yellow

Unpleasant things it evokes: Pus, vomit, Pittsburgh sports teams.

5 | Dark gray

Unpleasant things it evokes: Prison, emptiness, almost purely black but not quite enough so something feels just slightly off, Fifty Shades of Grey.

6 | White

Unpleasant things it evokes: Ominously blank classroom walls, boringness, death, iPods that stopped working within a year.

7 | Rust

Unpleasant things it evokes: Rust.

8 | Light olive

Unpleasant things it evokes: Infection, diarrhea, bad ’70s decor.

9 | Orange/red

Unpleasant things it evokes: The really cheap Gilden t-shirts that never quite fit right.

10 | Faded salmon

Unpleasant things it evokes: The circumference around a pimple, flavorless fish, what it looks like if a fingernail gets ripped off.

11 | Bright magenta

Unpleasant things it evokes: Your eyes hurting, frozen yogurt with Nerds mixed in, a middle-aged female art teacher’s shawl.

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