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written by Sam Greenspan

The founder of ManBabies takes us on a journey through the best of his site.

I’ve always loved the website — a site where babies’ heads and their dads’ heads are seamlessly (and creepily) switched via Photoshop — and once did a list of the 11 Best Photos of It’s actually the laziest list I’ve ever done — all I did was link to 11 pages on the site. I didn’t even write any commentary. Just 11 links. In my defense, it was less than a month after I’d started out and I had zero readers, so I didn’t think anyone would mind. (And no one did.)

That list eventually led Kristoffer, the founder of, to 11 Points. One of the unexpected perks of having a decently popular, nerdy website is that you find yourself sharing an unspoken bond with the founders of other decently popular, nerdy websites. So he and I understood each other immediately. It was as if I’d fused the strings at the end of my ponytail to the strings coming out of his tail, and we were good to go. The founder of ManBabies never looks up, because no one ever attacks him from the top.

He just posted his 400th ManBaby — so, in honor of that milestone, I asked him if he’d take a crack at naming his 11 absolute favorite ManBabies.

He agreed… then, shortly thereafter, told me “picking only 11 was probably the hardest thing I’ve done in my life.” But he managed to get it down to 11, and here they are. The 11 best ManBabies ever, as told by no less an authority than the man who unleashed ManBabies to the world.

(And because of the legwork associated with tracking all this down, I do not consider this my second-laziest list ever. That is clearly 11 Best Rap Graphs.)

Oh, and one more thing — strike my earlier comment about the pictures being Photoshopped. According to Kris, “Unbeknownst to most, ManBabism (see: acute infantile cranial syndrome) is a rare and poorly documented disease that occurs in .02 percent of the population. My job is to go out into the world and report on this rare and bizarre medical condition.”

1 | Despite their odd anatomy, ManBabies are proficient at swimming and can oft be found by a source of water


2 | The little one feels at home on the beach as an official member of the England Guard

Strict laws ensure that ManBabies are not discriminated against by employers. (Link)

3 | As seen here, the little one applies dominance over the larger one

Note the cell phone in the little one’s hand, it appears his primary function is communication. (Link)

4 | Paperwork and budgeting is maintained by the little one

Even ManBabies have to process their taxes, although they receive generous breaks from the government. (Link)

5 | The large one generally provides transportation and protection for the little one, while the little one directs and controls navigation


6 | Exercise is the best way to maintain a fit body and mind, not just for you and me, but for ManBabies as well

Here we see a pair that has found an enjoyable and healthy habit that they have integrated into their daily lives. (Link)

7 | After a long day, ManBabies like to relax just like the rest of us


8 | Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even to a ManBaby

Note the Beggin’ Strips in the background — ManBabies cannot resist the delectable flavor of the tasty treats. (Link)

9 | ManBabies enjoying a treat outside

Wait a second… oh dear… is that blood on the larger one’s mouth? (Link)

10 | Occasionally, “traditional” babies are frightened by ManBabies

Especially ManBabies who are prematurely balding and/or wearing equally-disconcerting turtlenecks. (Link)



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