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written by Sam Greenspan

Sometimes you’ve got to take a step back and look at your URL with fresh eyes.

When I come up with an idea for a list, I generally check on Google to make sure either (1) no one’s done the list before or (2) if someone’s done it, they’ve done a mediocre job.

This list falls squarely under number two. I’m not the first person to do a list of the most unintentionally hilarious URLs. There’s already one so-so list out there. And that list was Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V’ed on no fewer than 500 other websites.

You know that line in Fight Club where Ed Norton says that “everything’s a copy of a copy of a copy”? Well the list of unintentionally funny domain names, originally done by Independent Sources in 2006, takes that aforementioned simulacrum to a new level.

On one hand, I feel sorry that they were plagiarized so frequently. On the other hand, I feel even sorrier that their list, which now contains many broken URLs, is the one that holds the “funny domain name” mantle.

So today, I have 11 unintentionally funny website names that will, hopefully, let people know that there’s more out there than (which, by the way, is an intentionally funny parody site).

1 |

Officially:, tree service in the Brittany region of France.

Unintentionally:, your source for locking up your out-of-control local lesbian.

2 |

Officially:, a social database about things you know and love.

Unintentionally:, the online destination when you can’t find your crack pipe.

3 |

Officially:, the website of Tanya Koens, a sex therapist in Sydney, Australia. (No word if she is affiliated with Tobias Funke.)

Unintentionally:, home page of a guy named Sydney who just can’t stop telling his stories about rapin’! (No word if he is affiliated with Tucker Max.)

4 |

Officially:, North of Boston Jewish Singles 40+ — “a great place to meet interesting, charming and enthusiastic single people with whom you can get together and have fun.”

Unintentionally:, the site for women in committed relationships.

5 |

Officially:, a guide to black hat SEO, “the technique of building and promoting a website using unfair, sneaky, sly and underhand tactics which often break search engine guidelines.” (Just to stick it to these people, I made their link above a rel=”nofollow”.)

Unintentionally:, a guide to being a racist, for the rarely-seen literate racist.

6 |

Officially:, cabin rentals in Old Man’s Haven near Hocking Hills (Ohio) State Park, home of Old Man’s Cave.

Unintentionally:, ’cause when they’re dragging on the ground, they should be hairless.

7 |

Officially:, a resource for info on and travel to all of New York’s beautiful canals.

Unintentionally:, a resource for info on and fissures in all of New York’s less beautiful “canals.”

8 |

Officially:, “a B2B-based scrap metal recycling expert” in Texas.

Unintentionally: And we piss awesomeness!

9 |

Officially:, an 880-acre paintball course located just outside of Sacramento.

Unintentionally:, which is either a Japanese game show or a high-energy booth at Key West’s FantasyFest.

10 |

Officially:, a company that “continues to innovate quilted bedspread design and manufacture, leading the field for almost 20 years, supplying major hotel groups, cruise ships and interior designers internationally.”

Unintentionally:, where we rape guys while using properly British terms like “lad.” After the rape’s over we toss the little bugger’s body in the boot, sod off to a bog and dump the duff.

11 |

Officially:, for all your Budget Car Rental needs on the Cook Islands.

Unintentionally:, because in this economy, who can afford full-priced cock?

Honorable mention to a few that didn’t make my cut or were on that original list I was wailin’ on at the top of this list:, powergenitalia (now defunct),,, and