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written by Sam Greenspan

The irony of some of these misspelled signs is just too delicious.

If you looked up “low-hanging fruit” in the dictionary, “right wing protesters with misspelled signs” would be the definition. (Assuming you were looking it up in the mythical dictionary people always talk about that defines words not by their actual meanings but by proper names and humorous real world examples.)

Still, these photos have just been sitting on my hard drive forever, begging to be placed in a list… and I could only fight them off for so long.

So here are 11 misspelled protest signs. In each case, the misspelling doesn’t just belie the sign’s message… it shatters it. Enjoy.

1 | The “Speak English” crew

I’ve posted a few of these before (in my 11 Best Photos of Spelling Mistakes list)… so, as to not rip you off, I lumped them in with some new ones for a single giant collage of “Speak English” goodness.

Yes, in every case, the person or people went out to admonish the Hispanic population to learn and speak English… and, in every case, the person or people misspelled something on their sign.

2 | The quality of FOX News

Keeps you informed… doesn’t exactly sharpen the mind.

3 | Now… who’s incompetent?

It’s pretty ballsy to call out someone’s competence while misspelling the word “competence.” Even if you look like someone who’d be an extra in a movie about Woodstock.

4 | Didn’t people used to say this about Texas and Bush?

Unfortunately, this gets cut off, but what it’s saying in red text is “Somewhere in Kenya a village has lost its idiot.” Only the person behind the sign wrote “It’s idiot.” Which, ya know… yeah.

Also, just to drive home the point that this sign is the work of the English-challenged, the author spelled “thing” with a “k.” That’s like spelling “Yale” with a 6.

5 | I AM outraged

As one of the biggest your/you’re crusaders on the Internet, I am paying attention and I am outraged. Just not about the same thing as this lady.

6 | A buffet of errors

Take your pick: Do you judge for misspelling “socialist”… misspelling “maverick”… or for the Confederate flag?

Also, as a note… as much as this guy is outraged about Obama’s “socialism” (rapidly becoming one of the most bastardized words in the English language, by the way), I just want to go on record saying that I don’t want any of his stuff. I promise. Even if Obama comes out tomorrow and declares that we’re now a Red country, I won’t be beating a path to this guy’s door. I just don’t have any space in my room for a tin can collection or two dozen Big Dogs shirts.

7 | So… impeach Stranczek?

Hey, he established the precedent. I guess it’s time to ride the mayor out of town on a rail.

8 | Amnesty gets nasty

I’m still not sure if I’m high on amnesty, either. But I am high on spelling. It’s one of those fake highs. Like I spell a bunch of words correctly and then spend 20 minutes saying, “I think I feel something… no… yes!… wait… oh wow I’m floating… hmmm…”

9 | You know, the three Rs

Three-to-one odds he regrets this sign.

10 | Back to the books

I’m stunned at the carelessness here. (HI-YO!)

11 | The real clear and present danger

Oh no, it’s even worse than speaking Spanish… this woman is speaking Internet.