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written by Sam Greenspan

Sometimes people get license plates featuring Simpsons references. And not just BORT.

Someone recently pointed out to me it’s been more than six months since I wrote a Simpsons list on 11 Points. (It was 11 Bootleg T-Shirts Featuring Bart Simpson as a Black Guy.) “Do you hate The Simpsons all of a sudden?” he asked, “You used to write about it like once a month.” So we’re back.

No one has ever put together a list of people paying tribute to The Simpsons via license plates. I know this because if they had, it would’ve saved a remarkable amount of research in tracking these down. C’mon Buzzfeed, you post 5,300 lists a day, could you at least try?

Here’s the first-ever list of 11 real-life license plates featuring Simpsons references.

1 | HA HAA

I feel fine about Nelson laughing here, since I’ll blindly assume no one was badly injured when they crashed this car — and that this is the largest automobile they could afford.


I guess any other Marge in Ohio who went to the DMV for a personalized plate would have to get Marjorie or Mitzi. (Side note: I believe this plate belongs to the late Marge Schott, former racist/anti-Semitic/homophobic owner of the Cincinnati Reds. Cool?)


I think it’s rather foolish to put beer references on license plates — seems like it would lead to getting pulled over a lot — but maybe the cop won’t get the allusion. Or maybe since it’s a fictional beer you’d only get a fictional DUI?

4 | BORT

The “Bort” license plate is the classic Simpsons license plate. It references the Simpson family’s trip to Itchy and Scratchy Land when Bart looks for a toy license plate with his name at the gift shop and only finds names like Barclay and Bort. That “Bort” reference is also why it’s really tough to research a list on people making customized Simpsons license plates. All roads lead to Bort. There’s probably a BORT in every state at this point. Sometimes more than one…

5 | BORT 1

And this is what happens when the Bort reference is so popular someone’s already claimed it. It’s like when you have to get your name with a “1” after it as your Gmail address.

6 | BART

A twist on the whole Bort thing here — it’s the license plate Bart really wanted when he expressed outrage over Bort. I will now pull this list out of its Bort spiral or we might never escape it.

(Also note: I could not find anyone who had the Sideshow Bob license plates of DIE BART, BART DOA, RIP BART or I H8 BART.)

7 | NCC 1701

Yes, this is the registry number of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek, which is why Comic Book Guy picked it as the license plate on his AMC Gremlin. I’m choosing to believe the Mercedes pictured is paying homage to Comic Book Guy and not Star Trek.


Not sure why they went with HOMER I and not HOMER J. Also, I’m not sure why Virginia is so prevalent on this list. Is Virginia the most pro-Simpsons state in the U.S.?


It’s a little derivative to put a donut reference on a cop car… but it’s such a good Simpsons reference it works. Also, it really sets up criminals for the Ironic Punishment Division where they get all the donuts in the world.


This license plate would look better on a Canyonero. It IS the country fried truck endorsed by a clown, after all.

11 | BOO URN5

If I were to get a Simpsons license plate, I’d strongly consider going for BOOURNS (or BOO URN5) — too bad it’s already taken in California. I’d also consider MILPOOL, CHNK – heart – 69 or POOCHIE.